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Bend Matrix

Bend Matrix available from Analogue Haven
Bend Matrices are now in stock at Analogue Haven! Choose from stock model, or modded-out version with photocells and trigger inputs.
Bend Matrix JOYTOY
Bend Matrix JOYTOY JoyToy Surf JoyToy Saki
Yet another Thing You Can Do with the Bend Matrix...
Wire your circuit bent projects inside a Bend Matrix:
watch the videos: JOYTOY videos
Order a unit:
Bend Matrix Bend Matrix $899.00
The complete Bend Matrix. Selectable 4x8 Matrix or Dual 2x4. Four analog real-time controls and 16 effects, MIDI in/out. Sixteen 1/4" jacks, sixteen 1/8" jacks. Sixteen banks of 8 patches each, with sequencer and long-term memory. Suitable for controlling circuit bent instruments, patching modular synths, routing effects/signals/video/etc. MIDI functionality can be custom programmed to your needs (note on/off, CC, pitchwheel)


Price: $

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