Atoner [Effect Pedal]

Basic features

  • Position: controls jump point manually
  • LFO Speed: rate of change of LFO, which shifts jump point rhythmically
  • LFO Depth: amount of LFO modulation (from zero to full)
  • Envelope attack: follows attack/decay of input signal to shift jumppoints
  • Envelope depth: amount of envelope shift
  • Squelch: silence when you stop playing
  • Tone: treble to bass
  • Blend: blend between clean (input signal) and atoner
  • Input volume: sensitivity
  • Output volume: output level




  • True-bypassed with LED indicator (3PDT stomp)
  • 9VDC powersupply included (USA orders)
  • Die-cast 7"x4"x2" aluminum box