4ms Company has been designing and building innovative audio electronics for musicians since 1996.


The MetaModule puts real knobs and jacks on virtual software modules. Step back from the computer and make music with hardware, while keeping the flexibility and expandability of software.

Catalyst Sequencer and Catalyst Controller

Catalyst Sequencer and Catalyst Controller! Two new 8-channel modules for phase-based CV sequencing and advanced macro control.

New line of modules and DIY Kits

Announcing a new line of modules and kits from 4ms Company! Each module is available fully-built or as a DIY Kits! Our first two releases are the Looping Delay and the Sampler, which are simplified versions of our DLD and STS. The kits are all through-hole, perfect for beginners. Whether you opt to solder it yourself or buy it fully built, the modules are clean, low-noise and high-fidelity.
Sampler -- DIY Sampler Kit -- Looping Delay -- DIY Looping Delay Kit