Buffered Multiple [BUFF MULT]

The Buff Mult is a buffered multiple with LED indicators to show positive and negative voltages. Using wide bandwidth opamps, it functions as a dual 1-to-3 or a single 1-to-6 mult for audio, video, or CV signals.


Basic features:
  • Two independent buffered multiples, normalized together
  • Each channel has one input and three outputs that are high-grade copies of the original
  • Each channel has a bi-color LED to indicate positive (white) or negative (red) signal
  • Video-rate opamps, for greatest bandwidth of any buffered mult. Fully compatible with LZX and video signals
  • Bottom channel is normalized to top channel, for a 1-to-6 multiple
  • Useful for detecting signals, troubleshooting patches, isolating modules, preventing "thump" or glitches during live patching, and protecting outputs
Electrical and Mechanical Specifications:

  • Module size:
    • 3 HP Eurorack format module
    • 10-pin Eurorack power header
    • 0.75" (18mm) deep
  • Power consumption:
    • +12V rail: 13mA
    • -12V rail: 13mA
    • +5V rail: Not used (0mA)
Included with the Buff Mult:
  • 10-to-16 pin power cable
  • M3 Knurlie screws

Note: The Buffered Mult is not a precision multiple and should not be used where exact gain and offset are required (e.g. precisely tuned 1V/oct signals)