Shuffling Clock Multiplier [SCM]

The Shuffling Clock Multiplier (SCM) produces eight multiplied clock tempos from a single input clock, ranging from x1 to x8 (x32 by using the Breakout). Some of the outputs can be shuffled/swung. The amount of shuffle is controlled by a CV Slip jack. A Rotate CV jack re-assigns the multiplication number of each jack. More features of the SCM can be controlled by the SCM Breakout, and we also offer the , a combined version of the SCM and breakout as one module.


Basic Features:
  • Multiply-by-1 to Multiply-by-32, on 8 output jacks
  • Five Slipped/Shuffled/Skipped clock outputs (S3, S4, S5, S6, S8). Each is based on a multiple of the input clock frequency (x3, x4, x5, x6, and x8, respectively)
  • Three steady clock outputs (x1, x2, and x8), which are not effected by Slip/Shuffle/Skip effects
  • CV Rotate jack to shift multiply-by amount on all jacks
  • CV Slip causes particular beats to land ahead in time
  • Connects to the SCM Breakout for controlling more features: Pulse Width, Shuffle pattern, Skip, Re-sync, Mute, and 4x Fast
  • ISP header: Connects to in-circuit programmer such as AVR ISP MKII for reprogramming code
  • Maximum input frequency 3kHz

Electrical and Mechanical Specifications:

  • Module size:
    • 4HP Eurorack format module
    • 1.39" (35mm) deep
  • Power consumption:
    • 5VSEL Jumper set to INT:
      • 33mA maximum power draw from +12V rail
      • 0mA max on the +5V rail
      • 4mA maximum power draw on the -12V rail
    • 5VSEL Jumper set to EXT:
      • 19mA maximum power draw on the +12V rail
      • 14mA max on the +5V rail
      • 4mA maximum power draw on the -12V rail
Included with the SCM:
  • 16-to-16 pin power cable
  • 2 M3 Knurlie screws