4ms Company has been designing and building innovative
audio electronics for musicians since 1996.

Ensemble Oscillator :

Available now! The Ensemble Oscillator is a unified polyphonic voice of sixteen complex oscillators combining additive, FM, phase-distortion and wavefolding synthesis techniques in new unorthodox ways.

Shadow Series :

Upgrade any of your favorite 4ms Modules with one of these slick black panels. Available for all modules, with easy step by step instructions on how to replace each panel.

DIY Kits :

Build your own 4ms Eurorack Modules!

Kits are a great way to learn about electronic assembly, not to mention bragging rights for having built your own synthesizer module!

Spherical Wavetable Navigator

The Spherical Wavetable Navigator (SWN) is a six-channel synthesizer that makes it easy to create slowly morphing drones, polyphonic melodies, evolving sequences, and rich textures.

Now Introducing SphereEdit:

... Mac ... Windows ... Linux...

SphereEdit is a free, open source software compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux that allows you to create, edit, import and export waveforms and load them into the Spherical Wavetable Navigator (SWN) using an audio cable.